Body Polish - Coco + Vanilla

Body Polish - Coco + Vanilla


"I'm baskin in coconut dreams and vanilla beans"

Made with fair trade virgin organic coconut oil, organic cane sugar, and fair trade shea butter + vanilla extract. Pure cane sugar combined with organic oils of sesame and almond  delicately moisturise, exfoliate, and rehydrate dry flaky skin leaving a beautiful silky glow.

To use:  After cleansing your skin scoop out 2 teaspoonful (or desired amount), and slather all over body in upwards circular motions towards the heart, gently massaging the polish into your skin until it dissolves, to exfoliate + remove dead skin cells.  Pat dry, to lock in moisture.

Use once or  twice weekly, to get that glō!

Keep water out of jar.  Use a scoop to scoop out product to avoid cross contamination.

Shelf life 3-6 months (store in cool dark place)

Ingredients: *cane sugar, *coconut oil, sesame seed oil, almond oil, *shea butter, *vitamin e (Non-GMO), *extracts of vanilla

*Certified Organic 

8oz reusable glass


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