Pūr Rose Hair Therapy Oil - Lavender + Rose

Pūr Rose Hair Therapy Oil - Lavender + Rose

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Healthy hair “is” Good Hair!


We've formulated the perfect blend of botanical/plant oils, that will help to strengthen, nourish and moisturize your hair + scalp. It leaves the hair with a weightless + lustrous non greasy feel. Can be used for any style, whether straight or curly.  Great for all hair types, and ideal for low porosity hair!

Key ingredients:

Avocado Oil - Helps to stimulate blood flow, nourishes the hair, encouraging hair growth, and also unclogs blocked hair follicles. We love that avocado penetrated deeply into the hair shaft, and is packed with vitamins A, B, D, and E to repair damaged hair 

Argan Oil- Tames frizz, softens and adds a natural shine to the hair.

Rose Otto Oil- Strengthens the hair root. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Fights scalp acne and inflammation.

Ylang Ylang Oil- Treats hair loss. It’s an effective natural treatment to reduce hair fall caused by stress and alopecia. ... When it is massaged into the hair follicles, it stimulates hair growth. Helps with thinning hair.

How to use-

• Use as a scalp massage oil (simulates growth, and helps with blood circulation)

• Pre-Poo treatment

• Add to your favorite conditioner for extra boost

Shelf life: 6 - 8 months

2oz amber glass bottle

100% pure • vegan • cruelty free

Hand blended in Bermuda

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